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You dream of demons while you sleep..

That make you stutter when you speak

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Elmo the Pony
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Me: Niki / 17 / French + Paki / SENIOR at Niles North / Skokie, IL / Christian / Anti-Bush / Impatient / Genuine / Hyper / Proud Member of Camp TAI =]

Music: Only real interest in life, srsly / pianist / Great at suggesting bands / classical music is love / Currently on repeat: The Academy Is, Cartel, underOATH, Horse the band

This Journal Is...

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PotterPuffs are love
{ wear }

abortion is homicide.

Marriage is love.

The Academy Is... Love

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Brushes/Textures By:
pekeana; bluevinyl; oh_pants; quebelly; eevee_gurl; hermintage; exicon; wednesday_icons;
fightstar; daughterofsnape; paperdolldesign; tragicicons; magdalenaicons; cherreh; iconicallyhales; thesebullets;
sheld0n; Brushes By Pange; Hybrid Genesis
If you see a brush of yours on here that has not been creditted, comment and I will fix that up. The file where I kept all the sites/names of people whose brushes I used got deleted >_<.

All Icons and Graphics are Made By Me Unless Stated Otherwise.[flowersareugly] - DON'T STEAL ANYTHING OR I WILL KILL YOU.

Layout Made By Me [flowersareugly], coding/layout idea inspired by layoutsbyjiggy, Severus Snape and James Potter puffs made by potterpuffs
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