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The Ice Cream Post.

Remeber the ice cream post? Well due to how big of a hit it became I'm posting it again! [Originally posted on June 13, at 1:10PM when I was completly out of it.]

I like ice cream.

I like ice cream, and my favorite flavor is vanilla. Plain old vanilla. Vanilla is great, it's really simple and goes with anything. However there's more to vanilla than meets the eye. It's so much deeper and the processes that go into making it are surprisingly complicated. I really enjoy eating vanilla ice cream. But not everyone agrees with me. I understand. If you like a different flavor, like chocolate-chip cookie dough, perhaps that different flavor is more appealing to you because of its more complicated and/or interesting flavor, not to mention its social value. But I'm content with vanilla. Now if you've never tried vanilla, and just by looking at it you don't like it, it's okay. To tell me that they don't like it is fine too. But I question whether, in the middle of eating my vanilla ice cream, it's okay to tell me that vanilla sucks and I should have a better, more "exotic" type of ice cream? I definitely appreciate the concern, and that they're looking out for me, but now it makes it kinda hard to finish my ice cream. It's okay though, after a slightly rough recovery I continued eating my ice cream at full pace.

I like ice cream.
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